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Computer Science High School of Bicolandia

The CSHSB Main Building, CBSUA, Pili, Camarines Sur

The Computer Science High School of Bicolandia is an information and communication  technology (ICT) high school and a  previously university- administered high school located at the Capital Town of Pili, Camarines Sur. It is popularly known as the first Computer Science High School in the country, offering four year high school course with a curriculum of Computer Science. It is located at the flagship campus of the Central Bicol State University of Agriculture in Pili, Camarines Sur. The school is distinctive of having a 1:1, student to computer ratio, during their respective ICT classes. CSHSB students are mainly called as the "Comsayanos".

The Fathers of CSHSB
Cong. Luis R. Villafuerte – “Father of CSHSB”, “Man of many Firsts”, supported and financially assisted CSHSB during his political years.
Atty. Marito T. Bernales, Ph.D. – “CBSUA’s First University President”, the university’s president during the development of CSHSB

Name Evolution
Bicolandia ICT- Oriented High School (2008)
Bicolandia ICT High School (2008)
Computer Science High School of Bicolandia (2008 - present)

“ICT” – Information and Communications Technology, probably the most popular nickname, because of the school’s previous name
“CSHSB” – from acronym of the school’s latter name, widely used during formal
“Com-Sci-High” – aimed non-formal nickname
"Shishbi" - the school's most popular nickname of today

Since 2008
The school first operated on 2008, with only 72 freshmen students. The top 72 CSHSB Admission Test passers comprises two sections.
It was on 2012, when this school produced its very first graduates from its pioneer batch (Batch 2012).

Adopted High School of CBSUA
CSHSB is previously under the CBSUA College of Development Education, with CBSUA Laboratory High School. CSHSB likely serves as the high school under CBSUA with Computer Science as the main focus, while CBSUA Laboratory High School with Agricultural Science. Being a part of the CBSUA Community, CSHSB also enjoys resources of CBSUA. The CBSUA College of Engineering and Food Sciences Chemistry Laboratory, Basketball Courts, Football Fields, Social Hall, Auditorium, and the LRV Atrium; are just some of the CBSUA resources which is used during academic or special purposes.

CSHSB is now transferred under the administration of the Department of Education.

The Uniform
Boys: Green “chalecos”, White polo, Striped Tie (Green/ Yellow), Black pants
Green: Yellow “chalecos”, White polo, Striped Tie (Green/ Yellow), Striped “palda” (Green/ Yellow)
P.E. and Intrams uniform are also present.
The “chalecos” aimed to oppose the cold environment produced by air-conditions at selected rooms, because the CSHSB Computer Laboratory like every laboratory is air-conditioned. The yellow and green dominancy in uniforms imitate the main color of the CBSUA.

The CSHSB Sections
In the school's first operating year on 2008, the two sections namely are I- Unity and I- Harmony
However, the next S/Y 2009- 2010, changes are made for the section names which still used up to present. The following are:
I- Pascaline
I- Abacus
II- Pseudocode
II- Algorithm
III- Prolog
III- Avery
IV- Python
IV- Applescript
For its first two S/Y, the school implemented no star section. But during the S/Y 2010- 2011, the school placed it's top 50% students in a batch to "A" sections , while the remaining on "P" sections.

Some Achievements of the Pioneer Batch
Champion, Political Science Quiz Bee, University of Nueva Caceres, Naga City 
Most Disciplined Unit, Pili Military Parade 2011
Fifth Placer, 11th Regional Chemistry Olympiad, Bicol University, Legazpi City
First and Second Placers in various Regional Poster Making Competitions
They produced 3 UPCAT Passers out of 13 takers (for the school first try and not all are top students). It may not encompass other school’s passing rate. But this is such a great achievement especially to a developing school like CSHSB. The 13 takers somehow is the first delegate of the school to try the nation’s most dreaded collegiate test in the CSHSB’s history.           

“CSHSB is the apple of the eye of Pili” – late Pili Mayor Alexis San Luis (2008)
Most of its students are drawn from the Capital Town of Pili, Camarines Sur; whereas attracting most of the best of the town. Mainly from the town’s best elementary schools like the School of the Future, Pili Central School, Pili West Central School, Evangelical Christian School, Pili Parochial School, etc. Such that this school is sometimes tagged as the “science high school of Pili”. Due to its arising popularity, students from its neighboring city and towns like Naga City, Ocampo, Bula, etc. continue to invade this school.




  1. CSHSB Battles on Disctrict Meet (September 25-26, 2015) at PNHS, La Paz, Pili, Camarines Sur.

    1. Hello there =) Can you give me a list of CSHSB's major achievements in its whole history from 2008. You can comment it here or just send me an e-mail. I'm thinking of posting it here in my blog. Mabalos!